Husband’s priceless reaction as wife tells him they’re expecting baby number five

A dad who found out his wife is pregnant with their fifth child has been praised for his ‘real’ reaction after the special moment was caught on camera and shared to TikTok

Finding out you’re expecting a baby can bring about a lot of different emotions – excitement, fear, shock or even disappointment in some cases.

One woman managed to capture her husband’s reaction to the news that they’re expecting baby number five – and it’s priceless.

Mum-of-four Emily shared the incredible footage on TikTok ( @maverickmother ) where people have praised her husband for being so ‘real.’

“When you thought your fourth child was your LAST,” she wrote in the on-screen caption.

In the video, Emily can be seen planting what we assume is the positive pregnancy test underneath a book on her bed, before she calls her husband into the room.

“Look under that book,” she says.

He then walks over and lifts the book and says, “Oh no” when he realises what it is.

“Genuine?” he asks as he looks in search of a hidden camera to prove she’s pranking him.

“That’s what we need right now,” he says as Emily struggles to contain her laughter.

“Where we gonna put it? he asks, then “Whose is it?”

“Come here. I love you with all my heart” he says to a still-laughing Emily, and the pair can be heard kissing.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 1.6 million views and 1,600 comments from people who praised how raw and real the reaction was.

One person said: “‘Where are we gonna put it?’ I’m dead.”

Another wrote: “I love this because of the real, honest, shocked, reaction with the depth of love still there.”

A third commented: “Did he really ask ‘who’s is it?'”, to which Emily replied saying, “We were told it would be impossible to get pregnant following his testicular cancer. He’s just cracking jokes.”

The pair shared their children’s reactions to the news in a previous video – and it’s so sweet it might have you asking ‘who’s chopping onions in here?’

The couple put together a video of their family as a football team, but the final player was a picture of an ultrasound.

While the two boys jumped up and down hugging at the news, their daughter was a bit confused as she said: “That was me,” until Emily said, “Mummy’s got a baby in her tummy!”